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Higao Tech Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2007, specializing in designing and manufacturing top quality Higao Tech Pulverizers, Mixers, Screeners, Granulators, Dryers, Conveyors, batching system, Extruders, Puff snack food production line, automatic cookies/biscuit making production line, Packaging and Filling Machinery, various processing turnkey systems in China.Higao Tech believe in “Basis on quality, and win from credit” and is always committed to providing customers with high-quality products and superior services to meet various needs of different customers.Higao Tech has focused on top quality equipment and spare parts for over 10 years in China, and now have become one of the leading suppliers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries in China.

Hot Products
Higao Tech main products are industrial grinding pulverizer, powder mixing equipment, screening separator, granulating machinery, drying equipment, puffed snack food machinery, powder transmitting engineering batching system, packaging and filling equipment, customized turnkey system production line and many other auxiliary machines etc. Learn more>>
Pulverizer machine is used to grind solid raw materials into granules or powder reaching a range of size distribution which can meet customer’s needs in lab test or actual producti
Mixers and Blenders are divided into horizontal mixers and vertical mixers according to structures. Mixing equipment is divided into solid mixer and liquid mixer as per raw materi
Screener and sifter are usually called screening machine or sieving machine. Screening machine is used to separate raw materials into different size range for different application
Granulator is to make granules or particles from powdery materials, which can improve its fluidity and reduce dust flying. During the process of making granules, liquid materials s
Industrial drying equipment is a kind of dehydration machine. Dryer is used to evaporate water or moisture inside materials to make the materials having a longer storing time. Dr
Extruding Puff Machinery
Puffed food machinery is used to make various kinds of snack foods that many people like. Single and twin screw food extruders are the main snack food machinery, which will determi

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