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Extruding Puff Machinery

Puffed food machinery is used to make various kinds of snack foods that many people like. Single and twin screw food extruders are the main snack food machinery, which will determine the quality of the final snacks. Roasting oven, frying and flavoring machine are also important during the whole processing line. Puff food machinery includes breakfast cereal corn flakes processing line, core filled snack food, reproduced extruded rice, bread crumb, textured protein food, nutritional grain powder, sala, bugles crispy, sip-model corn chips, screw, shell food, curl/kurkuer, fruit and vegetable chips production line, automatic instant noodle, rice noodle processing line, biscuit/cookie production line, potato chips, french fries production line, etc... There are many corollary equipment before and after puff snack food processing line. And we can make a total design as per customers relative requirement.
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Higao Tech is one of the leading extruding puff machinery manufacturers and suppliers in China, mainly engaged in wholesale and customized services. Feel free to buy extruding puff machinery made in China for sale here and check the price with our factory.

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