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Industrial Flavored And Caramel Chocolate Flavored Popcorn,commercial Cheese Popcorn,continuous Salty Flavored Popcorn Processing Plant

Description Caramel popcorn making machine for sale has a many options, strong adaptability, gained good praise and agreement from the consumers and customers. The industrial cheese popcorn can be directly extruded from the extruder, dryer and flavoring machine, we can produce all kind of...



Caramel popcorn making machine for sale has a many options, strong adaptability, gained good praise and agreement from the consumers and customers. The industrial cheese popcorn can be directly extruded from the extruder, dryer and flavoring machine, we can produce all kind of caramel chocolate flavored popcorn and different shapes by adjusting the dies inside the extruding machine.

Automatic savory flavored popcorn production equipment adopts the lastest puffing technology to extrude the USA corn directly. The technology is an effective combination of temperature and hot air circulation with high thermal efficiency, low production cost and easy operation. Industrial flavored popcorn making machine is your best choice to achieve perfect corn puffing.

Technical data 

Caramel Popcorn Production Line
Installed powerPower consumptionOutput/CapDimension(LxWxH)


1. Raw materials for making caramel chocolate flavored popcorn production line:

Industrial flavored popcorn making machine can use corn, rice, wheat, oat, etc as raw materials to start production.

2. Products made by Automatic Continuous Caramel Popcorn Making Machine:

   Continuous salty flavored popcorn processing plant can produce mushroom shape popcorn or flower shape popcorn.
3. Voltage of flavored caramel popcorn processing line: 3-phases,380V/50Hz, or Single phase,220V/50Hz. Different voltage can be customized. 
4. All the machines in popcorn production line are all made of stainless steel 304#, clean and healthy.

5. Popcorn processing line can be designed according to customers requirement.


Flow chart: Screw Conveyor_popcorn making machine_sugar caramel spraying machine_Drying Machine_Cooling Conveyor_Packing Machine

If you're satisfied with our industrial flavored and caramel chocolate flavored popcorn,commercial cheese popcorn,continuous salty flavored popcorn processing plant, welcome to place orders with our factory. We're one of the leading Snack Food Production Line manufacturers in China, strong in technical advantages and rich in qualified experts. For customized orders, contact us now.

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