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Classification of Screener and Sifter
Jun 13, 2017

1 fixed sieve: Including fixed sieve, fixed bar sieve, cantilever bar screen and arc sieve.

2 Cylinder sieve: There are cylinder sieve, cone and pyramid sieve.

3 Circular Vibrating Screen: the circular vibrating screen mainly uses in the quarry to sift the sand stone.

4 Linear Vibrating Screen: The linear vibrating screen is widely used in the mining industry.

5 Thick sieve: equal thickness sieving method is also called large thickness sieving method.

6 Roller screen: Mainly used in coal mining classification.

7 Resonance Sieve: The common vibrating sieve is moving away from the resonant state range to keep the working state stable.

8 probability sieve: including rotating probability sieve, linear vibration probability sieve, such as thick probability sieve.

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