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Pulverizer Machinery Operation use
Jun 13, 2017

1, after the opening of the box first carefully check whether the equipment in transit damage, and then the Gao and auxiliary electromechanical control devices in place, and then connected to the main auxiliary machine pipeline, each pipe mouth flange assembly must be coated with a seal "anchor 609" liquid sealant, to ensure the tightness of the pipeline, at the same time each machine and pipe flanges are connected with grounding wire, and grounding to avoid electrostatic spark caused by dust explosion.

2. Before each stand trial operation, it is necessary to check whether there are metal items in the machine. Whether the bolts are firm, the tightness of the belt, the reliability of the shield and so on.

3, in accordance with the following sequence to start the stability of the electric motor, shut down the throttle start, grinder-Dust collector-grading device-screw feeder-open damper-closed fan.

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