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The basic concept of Pulverizer Machinery
Jun 13, 2017

A grinder is a machine that crushes large sized solids to the required size.

According to the size of crushed or crushed material can be divided into coarse crusher, grinder, Ultrafine grinder.

The external forces applied to solids during the crushing process are four kinds of shearing, impacting, crushing and grinding. The shear is mainly used in coarse crushing (crushing) and crushing operations, and is suitable for crushing or crushing operations with ductile or fibrous materials and bulk materials; the impact is mainly used in crushing operations, suitable for crushing of brittle materials; grinding is mainly used in high fineness comminution (ultrafine crushing) operation, suitable for most properties of materials for ultrafine crushing operations; Grind is mainly used for superfine crushing or super large crushing equipment, suitable for crushing operation.

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