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The working principle of the mixer
Jun 13, 2017

The mixer is determined by several parameters, and it is impossible to describe a mixer with any single parameter. Shaft (p), blade Discharge (Q), pressure head (h), blade diameter (d) and stirring speed (n) are five basic parameters describing a blender. The discharge volume of the blade is proportional to the flow rate of the blade itself, and the A times of the impeller's rotational speed and the diameter of the blade are three times Square. The shaft power of the stirring and consumption is proportional to the fluid proportion, the power quasi number of the blade itself, the three times of the rotational speed and the diameter of the blade five times the square. In the case of a certain power and blade form, the blade discharge (Q) and the pressure head (h) can be adjusted by changing the diameter (d) of the blade and the matching of the rotational speed (n), that is, large-diameter paddle blades with low rotational speed (to ensure that the shaft is not changed) the mixer produces a higher flow and lower pressure head, while the small diameter blades with high rotational speed will produce higher pressure head and lower flow effect.

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