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Use Safety Of Mixer
Jun 13, 2017

1, the mixer should be set in the flat position, with square wood cushion up and rear axle, so that the tire high overhead, in order to avoid moving around.

2, the mixer should carry out two-level leakage protection, before work power is connected, must carefully check, after the empty test to think qualified, before use. Commissioning should be tested if the drum speed is appropriate, under normal circumstances, the empty car speed specific vehicle (after loading) slightly faster $number turn, such as the difference is more, should adjust the ratio of gear wheel and transmission wheels.

3, mixing cylinder rotation direction should be in line with the direction of the arrows, if not true, the electrical wiring should be corrected.

4, check the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, wire rope has no damage, track pulley is good, surrounded by obstacles and the lubrication of various parts.

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