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Peanut Butter Making Machine

Peanut Butter Making Machine

Sesame chilli paste colloid grinding machine ,it is combined with model 85,130 model stainless steel and half-stainless steel colloid mill, the basic principle of the colloid mill is that the materials of fluid or half-fluid make the materials suffering the effects of strong shearing stress ,...


Sesame chilli paste colloid grinding machine ,it is combined with model 85,130 model stainless steel and half-stainless steel colloid mill, the basic principle of the colloid mill is that the materials of fluid or half-fluid make the materials suffering the effects of strong shearing stress , frictionn force ,high frequency vibration and so on when the materials passing between the high speed and relative link fixed gears and moving gears which leads to the smashing, emulsion,homogeneity,temperature neutralization of the materials and thus getting satisfying well produced products.

Structual features:

This kind of machine has two specifications :the vertical one and the horizontal one.Its main enginge is composed of shell,stator,rotor,regulating mechanism,cooling mechanism and motor.And its main parts are all made of stainlesss steel with the features of corrosion and non-toxic. The users can choose different specifications and models’ colloid mill according to the materials’characteristics,production efficiency and different usesin order to reach good results.

The range of uses:

1. food industry: dairy products,chocolate,soya sauce,jam,peanut butter,cream drinks and so on.

2. chemical industry:pigment,lubricating oil,spices,dye,emulcified asphalt,emulcified rubber,catalyst,paint coating and so on .

3. pharmaceutical industry: cod- liver oil,confidentiality,athletes cream,queen bee,pollen and so on.

4. daily chemical industry:shoeshine,toothpaste,cosmetics,balsam,soap,detergent and so on.

5. other indurties: construction industry,paper making industry,plastic industry,battery industry and so on..


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